Spicing Up Your Sex Life

Picking up a couple of power-packed sex toys has been one of best decisions anyone can make during the pandemic (a very close second behind wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, unless you’re in the bedroom). Our toys are helping turn this pandemic into a romantic staycation for you and your partner.

Let’s face it. Dating during the pandemic is tough. Being in a relationship during the pandemic is challenging. But being single during a pandemic takes the cake.

Don’t get us wrong, phone calls and zoom dates are fine, and everyone needs to stay safe, but nothing beats face to face interaction. Along with a lot of other sad realities created by Covid-19, one is that people aren’t hooking up like they used to, unless you’ve had to quarantine with a significant other.

If those last couple of sentences describe you, we’d have to imagine things are starting to get a little stale. We’ve had about 9 months of staying at home now and the Kama Sutra only has so many positions to try and for all of those folks out there, old righty has got to be getting tired. Everyone needs to mix things up once in a while, after all variety is the spice of life.

When you feel like it’s time to make me (or we) time a little hotter there’s nothing better than Connectoy products!

Connectoy has everything you might want for yourself and your partner.

A fan favorite product is the Connection Ring Vibrator. Who doesn’t love being able to make their partner weak in the knees while you’re stuck at home doing chores? Nothing is better than getting your partner all hot and bothered and getting the “we need to take this to the bedroom (and lately, couch, kitchen island, or pretty much wherever you might be in your apartment at that particular moment)” look. For all the folks stuck at home, we have you covered too! We have a huge selection of toys for perfect for anyone!

The Perfect Toys for Everyone

Connectoy is a great discovery to share with friends. A lot of us have been running into the same problems in the bedroom during this pandemic. Lots of time, lots of positions and we’re starting to get a little tired of the same-ish song and dance in the bedroom.

There’s no shortage of toys that are perfect for anyone. At Connectoy we’re here to cater to everyone’s needs. We have great toys for hetero and same sex couples looking to turn up the heat in the bedroom. Here is what our makes our products unique and different:

 Quality, Quality, Quality!

 Affordability

 A wide range of awesome tools for your bedroom

 Vibrators with intense action

 Anal beads and training kits that infuse more fun

 Dildos that are durable, washable, safe, rechargeable, quiet, and full of pleasure

 Penis ring vibrators with 9 vibration modes

At first, people can be a little nervous to get a sex toy to try with their partner. Some people have never used one before so the options can be daunting. After talking to your partner about it and taking a look at our website, we’re sure that we have the perfect toy for you! Whether you’re looking for an intense orgasm and are in the market for a vibrator, looking to test out the back door (if you know what I mean) or need a toy just for you, Connectoy has you covered!

Our products are perfect for you and all of your friends looking have a little bit more fun as we all ride this pandemic out (hopefully the pandemic isn’t the only thing getting ridden right now). If you aren’t sure what to get your significant other this holiday season, we might just have the perfect gift for you to keep things hot and steamy this winter.

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